TEAM Italia has carried out a research and development project in a temporary business association with the following partnership: CRN Spa, EKA Srl, MECCANO Scpa, Genial Materials Srl and UNIVPM called ARCHIMEDE – a new environment for the design and management of the lifecycle of a means of transport in the nautical sector for the reduction of costs and environmental impacts.

The ARCHIMEDE project aims to implement the lifecycle methodology in the nautical sector (boats and yachts). The expected result is the creation of an integrated and collaborative design platform (ARCHIMEDE platform) for cost optimization and reduction of environmental impacts throughout the life cycle.

The idea arises from the need to innovate, evolve and customize the tools commonly used during the design process (CAD, PLM, FEM, etc.) through the definition of decision-making tools (LCC, LCA and VR CONFIGURATOR) capable of analyzing the environmental and economic sustainability of the entire vessel.

The project was funded under the POR MARCHE FESR 2014-2020 – ACTION

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