Company Overview

For over 20 years, TEAM Italia has been operating globally within the field of mega and maxi yachts and specializing in the integration and functional optimization of navigation, telecommunications, security and data transmission equipment to simplify their use. The exclusive I-Bridge® system makes possible the integration and control of the different systems that are now essential on board, from a single piece of equipment. This leads to ease of use and speed of reaction, increasing safety levels when a yacht is at sea.


The staff at TEAM Italia works alongside clients as their technological partner every single day, defining technical specifications for processing and developing projects right through to installation, commissioning, training and support, both on land and on board. TEAM Italia has five sites located in Italy, on the sides of the Adriatic and Tyrrhenian Seas, which together with a network of carefully selected associated international partners, can guarantee fast and complete assistance worldwide.


The team works on the most advanced levels of integration and consists of electronic engineers, designers, project managers and on board technical staff. Implementation of the technological innovations proposed by manufacturers and other markets are carefully tried and tested in the TEAM Italia workshops before being implemented into the solutions proposed to Clients. Moreover, once released, the system can always be updated.


The Engineering division begins its work by analyzing and processing either technical specifications or a client’s requirements, drawing up and producing projects both for conventional layouts and integrated solutions. Project management and development are ensured by the qualified professional figures working in TEAM ITALIA, each one with specific skills and continuously involved in every stage of the progress a given project.


The I-Bridge® system enables captains to use a range of on-board instruments with the same interface dynamic and get the proper information in the right way, at the right time.

This is an important advantage in critical situations when the decisions must be made quickly and efficiently.

Daily feedback from the Captains using our systems, allows TEAM Italia to upgrade projects continuously and develop new applications by liaising with them.


Complete projects are studied and developed to personalize and restyle consoles. Qualified designers, working in close contact with the other departments, create architectural solutions which align perfectly with the ergonomic and functional demands of the bridge. Thanks to the use of always new and valuable exclusive materials and the application of concepts of innovation in the design, lead the company to offers technologically advanced, tailor-made consoles to clients.


Maintaining the effectiveness and versatility of production and logistics at levels of excellence requires sophisticated management of information and easy, accessible working procedures. The purpose of the POD (Process & Organization Development) is to carefully listen to both internal and external requirements in terms of organizational change. This is necessary to develop and put into effect those procedures which improve company performance, transparency and culture and consequently client satisfaction, too.


The after sales service begins with managing requests. Then the team assesses a problem and arranges the best solution regards the technical work or specialized service necessary. The solution may provide for a phone support service, or organization of services anywhere in the world. Yachts equipped with I-BRIDGE® systems and with standard systems can avail themselves of our excellent OCEAN REMOTE SUPPORT program which, through the in-depth specialized activity of preventive maintenance on NAV–COM systems, aims to keep them working efficiently, therefore increasing their lifecycle. The activity of technical support to I-BRIDGE® includes the possibility of Diagnostic and Service sessions remotely.