Software is the very heart of the Onyx Marine Automation system. A complete set of predefined functions is held in a library installed on the CPU. Although most of the configuration work, designed specifically for marine applications, is carried out by Onyx engineers during project development, the installer can modify or even reprogram the whole system simply by entering updated parameters in an ExcelTM file and uploading them to the CPU.

Unlike PLC-based systems, where the installer must be able to use PLC language, our system can be fully programmed without any specific programming knowledge. Onyx software is also designed for easy remote upgrading via an Internet connection or using a laptop or USB memory key. Using state-of-the-art tools, our graphic designers work with captains and project managers to customize, interpret and develop specific solutions in order to meet a customer’s needs.

Optional solutions

All Onyx Marine Automation monitoring systems can be equipped with valuable optional packages to increase performance and safety on a boat. Easy to use and install, these solutions can be mounted both on new systems and those already in use, providing the boat with valuable new functions.


Remote Control

This package enables all the functions of a monitoring system to be controlled by means of a tablet (iPad or Android) or notebook computer. The tablet works as an additional, standalone control unit and allows complete freedom to browse through any page at any time. The pages displayed on the tablet may be customized on request to ensure easy, user-friendly browsing.


Remote Alarm Notification

This package sends an SMS to a cellphone when a new alarm is detected by the onboard monitoring system. The list of alarms about which the user wishes to be notified about can be configured and several phone numbers set. Our RAN package provides peace of mind when a boat is left unattended.


Remote Diagnostic

This package allows users to check, upgrade and configure their monitoring system remotely (Internet line, wi-fi connection or internal UMTS modem). Onyx Marine staff can connect to a customer’s boat in order to provide support and maintenance as quickly as possible.


Data Logger

This package makes it possible to extend the alarm history of a monitoring system and add powerful data acquisition and analysis tools. The new LogX data logger can record a large number of different parameters for months without interruption. Once recorded, the data can be plotted on a graph or exported to Excel for more accurate assessment. Users can keep track of the time and frequency of bilge pump activation, monitor engine fuel consumption while at sea, and check the average and peak power requests of the electrical system.