The Onyx Marine Automation system is based on a CAN-bus network that connects a main CPU (Central Processing Unit) to a number of remote I/O (Input/ Output) units. Both the digital and analogical data acquisition modules are available in different versions from 4 to 32 channels per unit. In addition to these I/O standard modules, others are available for specific functions such as light control, solid-state powers, alarms, serial controllers and access control interfaces. All modules are designed exclusively for our marine automation systems.

System functions

The valuable new functions of all Onyx Marine Automation monitoring systems increase performance and safety on a boat.
Easy to use and install, these solutions can be mounted both on new systems and those already in use.

Special Project

Onyx Marine Automation’s highly versatile architecture makes it possible to interface onboard automation with any kind of electric or electronic device. This is crucial in the case of a hybrid propulsion system, where onboard automation becomes a link for traditional, electrical and generated propulsion systems.

The first four international projects to be developed within the sphere of hybrid systems bear the name Onyx Marine Automation and have been a resounding success. They were developed in association with Siemens Marine Solutions and RTN.

Onyx Marine Automation developed all the electronic control for Topsystem Surface Drives System, the new propelling system that can control setup and direction on high performance boats and ribs.

Easy SET is an integrated system connected to the CAN net engines, of which it visualizes all the data, in order to assure complete control of both the trim and flap. This amazing product enables users to control the trim and flap automatically, without pilots having to control the trim. They simply have to set up the kind of navigation they want, choosing from the following three:

  • CRUISE the system favours the comfort and the lowest litre/mile consumption
  • SPORTthe system considers the highest performance only
  • ROUGH in the case of very rough seas, it controls the plane trim, optimizing the performance of the boat