Users have complete control of a yacht equipped with I-Bridge®, and thanks to its versatile architecture the yacht maneuvering can be TAILOR MADE for all requirements that can be developed. I-Bridge® was developed due to a need to bring together the navigation experience of the very best Captains and Team Italia’s technical and electronic know-how to create a safe, reliable, user-friendly product which is also ergonomic and features a smart design. The feedback received daily from Captains, who are the users of the Team Italia system, allows the company to constantly upgrade its projects and develop, with their cooperation and experience, new innovative applications. Read more >

I-Chart® is a tool based on Multi Touch technology destined for route planning activities. With I-Chart®, Team Italia wants to combine the marine safety requirements of a Captain’s navigation with the requirements of Owners and their guests during a cruise. I-Chart® can either be part of the I-Bridge® system or exist separately, replacing what used to be a classical charting table. Besides the bridge application, it can be installed anywhere on the yacht. Read more >

BCM® is an internet connections manager available in two different operating modes: Light Version and AC Portal. The AC Portal version is what makes this product unique amongst those currently available on the market. In just 3 easy steps BCM® allows the customer to create User Accounts, to select the connections available for each account, to set possible limits to time or maximum dedicated traffic, to limit access to email display only, to surf the web, to navigate exclusively text linked or to enable or limit use to download information and stream media. Read more >

Onyx Marine Automation, a company of TEAM Italia Group, designs and provides state-of-the-art, flexible automation systems for yachts and superyachts. Its objective is to make installation easy, minimize the number of components and their weight, simplify service and maintenance. Thanks to its extensive network of partners and authorized installers, Onyx Marine Automation is able to satisfy the needs of its customers throughout Italy and the world. Read more >