Users have complete control of a yacht equipped with I-Bridge®, and thanks to its versatile architecture the yacht maneuvering can be TAILOR MADE for all requirements that can be developed. I-Bridge® was developed due to a need to bring together the navigation experience of the very best Captains and TEAM Italia’s technical and electronic know-how to create a safe, reliable, user-friendly product which is also ergonomic and features a smart design. The feedback received daily from Captains, who are the users of the TEAM Italia system, allows the company to constantly upgrade its projects and develop, with their cooperation and experience, new innovative applications.

The study and relative ergonomic design make it possible to develop the layout which is closest to a client’s navigation style, whilst leaving it unchanged even after the many alterations or implementations generally necessary during the course of a new building. The high level of I-Bridge® versatility allows pre-fitting in TEAM Italia workshop. Besides carrying out in-depth technical tests, this allows us to develop customized configurations and provide training before on-board installation.

I-Bridge® is a completely innovative system from the electronic, aesthetic and ergonomic points of view. The perfect balance of these features, combined with highly functional technology, simplifies yacht maneuvering, and increases safety level.

Management of the different subsystems is facilitated by the “Multicontrol system” designed and produced by TEAM Italia. Multicontrol system allows a comprehensive control of all the different devices through a device with a single interface logic. The Multicontrol system installed on the I-Bridge® also makes it possible to have several control stations, all of which are completely identical, both aesthetically and functionally.

The aim and results attained by using I-Bridge® are to integrate an increasingly higher number of devices and/or systems in terms of ergonomics and Human-Machine Interface present on the market by different manufacturers which operate using various kinds of logic.